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Equalize Mask rebalances capillary pH and rebuilds areas damaged by chemicals and external agents. 

Its acidifying and anti-rubber technology is responsible for aligning the hair fiber cuticles and neutralizing porosity, offering much more strength and resistance to the hair. 

Available in a 500g version, the treatment mask is rich in proteins and nourishing substances and is suitable for anyone who wants to control signs of weakening and enhance hydration treatments. The result is soft, luminous, fortified hair with balanced pH. 


The Equalize Mask formula is developed with three main ingredients: Patauá Oil, D-Panthenol and Vegetable Keratin. 

While the Patauá Oil stimulates the hydration of the threads and offers more shine and flexibility to the locks, the D-Panthenol and the Vegetal Keratin, in turn, act in the reconstruction of the thread, balancing the levels of elasticity and neutralizing the breakage and capillary weakening. 


Equalize Mask gives a series of benefits to the hair structure! In addition to equalizing the pH of the hair, repairing damaged areas and enhancing hydration treatments, the mask goes further and provides some more care for hair extension. 

Due to its acidifying action, the product is able to rebalance misaligned cuticles and, thus, prevent porosity from affecting the harmony of the capillary perimeter. 

With the cuticles properly aligned, the hair fiber stops losing water and nutrients essential to the development of the thread, reducing the chances of drying and prolonging the result of the other treatments carried out in the care schedule. 

Check out all the benefits guaranteed by Equalize Mask below:

– Reconstruction of the wire;
– Hydration;
– Capillary pH rebalancing;
– Repair of damaged areas;
– Alignment of cuticles;
– Control of frizz and split ends;
– Neutralization of breakage signals;
– Strengthening and resistance;
– Softness and luminosity. 

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