Compensating Active Lotion 12X10 Deep Treatment Compensating Active Lotion 100 Ml Deep Treatment
Compensating Active Lotion is a unique formulation of active ingredients that work synergistically to help accelerate hair regrowth. The active ingredients work to increase the amount and volume of hair regrowth, while the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties work together to prevent and reduce hair breakage. This unique formula helps to speed up the natural hair regrowth process. This product contains a blend of active ingredients, including ProCapil (Citrus extract), CeraAlba (Citrus extract) and Laminaria Extract. This formulation works with the natural processes of cell regeneration, cell growth and hair regrowth, and is designed specifically to speed up hair regrowth. It is a safe, effective treatment to help accelerate hair regrowth, while also protecting the hair.
Compensanting Active Shampoo 1000 Ml Shampoo Compensanting Active Shampoo 300 Ml Shampoo
This product has been clinically shown to be effective in reducing the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. It also helps prevent hair loss by stimulating follicle growth and promoting hair growth for a healthier, fuller look. The product is richly enriched with natural eucalyptus oil that helps maintain hair health, while helping to improve hair's texture and condition. The product contains no synthetic ingredients and is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol and other harmful chemicals. It can be used on all hair types including chemically treated, permed, color-treated, chemically straightened and relaxed.
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The oxygenating therapy treatment is an advanced formulation of omegas (two-way oxygenated molecules) that helps stimulate and support hair follicles. It can be used as part of any regimen for hair growth and or as part only when needed. Use oxygenating treatments as follows two or three time per week for weeks or until hair growth has been established. For best results, apply to scalp and hair roots twice daily at least hours after shampooing or washing with water. Oxygenating Therapy. Directions Apply to hair roots times daily, preferably at bedtime, or times per week, as directed by your healthcare professional.
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The first ever all natural anti aging moisturizing shampoo. Our unique blend of ingredients will help prevent the signs and symptoms that often accompany the loss or regrowth cycle of your hair from taking hold. UNA Line products are made from ecuallyipto's exclusive blend of natural oils, extracts, vitamins and botanicals which are proven to help to restore lost or damaged hair to its natural state. Free from animal testing. UNA Line Products can be used for any hair type as they can easily be blended together to create a custom-molded, one-size-fits-all formula to fit most individuals and to provide a long lasting, healthy looking hair product.
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The Compensating Active Kit contains a combination of active ingredients to assist in the management and control, of hair loss.

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