Oily  Hair Shampoo
Scalp Normalizing Shampoo $39.99
For oily to normal hair. Contains a unique combination of botanical extracts and natural ingredients that help to reduce the appearance of coarse, greasy, dull or flaky skin on the scalp and hair. This product is ideal for those who want an effective and gentle cleansing solution for the scalp and hair. Contains no sulfates, parabens or glycolic acid. Directions Apply a dime-sized amount to wet hair, massage into scalp. Rinse well with warm water.
Oily Scalp Treatment
Scalp Normalizing Infusion 10X12 $51.99
This product helps to maintain healthy hair and scalp by regulating sebum production. It is a gentle, yet effective formula that helps prevent hair loss while helping prevent oily treatment. Hair regulator is a sulfate-free formula that contains a unique glycinin biovector complex that helps to improve the condition of the hair follicles as well as promote cell turnover and reduce damage.

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