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The Absolut One 12 Benefits in 1 Spray Mask repairs damage caused by external agents and provides a much healthier appearance to the hair. Its multifaceted technology is capable of acting in different areas of the capillary perimeter, contributing to both the treatment and the finishing of the locks. Absolut One is a mask. It's a finisher. It's an edge fixer. Use it however you want, whenever you want.

Available in the 200ml version, Absolut One is a product
for daily use, which must be used in the hair finishing stage. Developed with the best technology available on the market, the finisher helps in the alignment of the strands and ensures more shine and softness to the hair.

The product is recommended for all types of hair (straight, wavy, curly and curly) and can be used both in chemically treated hair and those in the hair transition phase.


Absolut One 12 Benefits in 1 Spray Mask technology is developed from two main ingredients. They are: Lactic Acid and D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5).

While Lactic Acid restores the hair's flexibility and acts on the main signs of hair dryness, D-Panthenol, in turn, is responsible for strengthening the hair structure and stimulating healthier hair growth, reducing breakage and fall.


Absolut One's biggest differential is related to the finishing power that the product offers. In addition to contributing to hair hydration, the product also has the mission of aligning the strands and providing much more softness to the hair structure, giving a strong and well-treated hair appearance.

The product also acts as a thermal protector and sunscreen! Its technology is able to build a protective film around the wire, which will be responsible not only for mitigating the high temperatures emitted by heat tools, but also for protecting against UV rays.

See below all the benefits provided by the Absolut One Spray Mask 12 Benefits in 1:

– Internal repair of the hair fiber;
– Recovery of damage caused by chemicals and external agents;
– Deep hydration;
– Nutrition;
– Reduction of frizz and excessive volume;
– Prevention of split ends;
– Thermal and UV protection;
– Color protection;
– Strengthening of the capillary structure;
– Contribution to healthy hair growth;
– Extraordinary shine;
– Conditioning and soft touch.


The maximum effectiveness offered by Absolut One is only achieved when the product is correctly applied to the hair. In order to achieve better results, follow the suggested usage below:

Wet Hair:

1. Spray the Absolut One Spray Mask on the entire hair extension at a distance of 20cm.
2. With the help of a comb, untangle the wires and enhance the aligned effect.
3. Finish as you wish!

Dry Hair:

1. Spray the Absolut One Spray Mask onto the palms of your hands.
2. With delicate movements, spread the product along the entire hair extension, from the length to the ends.
3. Finish as you wish.

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