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Contains very nourishing and a moisturizing ingredients. It can be use don daily basis with all hair type. How to use: After washing hair with Salt & Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Apply Keratin Conditioner. Rinse and repeat as necesary.
Keratins Kera-Active Keratina Strong Kera Active Keratins Kera Active
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Keratin Treatment - Brazilian Formula Hair Treatment for All Hair Types. For straight or wavy hair. Keratin Treatment penetrates the hair shaft and penetrates the cuticle to strengthen and repair. Can be used on all types of hair from fine to thick. It's natural and safe. It's a hair straightening . We have two formulas Strong and Chocolate. Our exclusive line. Made in USA!
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3 Star Bkt Option Kera Active 3 Star Bkt Option Kera Active
The best thing you can do for your hair? Straighten it. Straightening and styling is so important to your health. That's why this is a must-have for all kind of hair types. 3 Star Hair Botox is made up with our exclusive, patented formula that works to condition, smooth, and even your hair. It's a fast and effective way to straighten and style all kinds Of hair in seconds. No formaldehyde or parabens! No alcohol, no artificial colors, no chemical solvents, and no chemicals. Just pure natural ingredients.
Kera Active Deeep Cleaning Shampoo Kera Active Kera Active Deeep Cleaning Shampoo Kera Active
A deep cleansing and purifying shampoo that helps open up the cuticle and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Helps remove impurities and bacteria from skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Ideal to use before keratins and botox.

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