Finish Mediterranean Oil 100 Ml Finishing
This unique combination of oils and botanicals is a rich moisturizing treatment that leaves your hair soft, silky, smooth, healthy, and manageable. The combination of Castor Oil (from Pistachio) with Shea Butter (from Coconut), Cocoa Butter (from Jojoba), and Vitamin E (from Avocado) provides the ultimate nourishment for dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. The combination of ingredients helps repair and restore the hair's natural oils, leaving the hair soft, silky and manageable. It also contains Vitamins A, C, and E for maximum protection against the damaging effects of UV Rays. DIRECTIONS Apply a small amount to dry or damp hair, work into a lather. Style as desired.
Finish Crystal Drops 100 Ml Finishing
This unique formula is formulated with a blend of blue and argan oils to help restore shine and softness. It also contains jojoba seed extract for added protection against split-ends. Apply to damp hair or as often as needed to keep hair looking its best.
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Finish Polishing Spray 150 Ml Finishing
Finishing spray for finishing on all types of hair. This product contains linseed oil which helps to protect your hair from being damaged by heat styling. The spray will not only protect, but it also gives you a beautiful shine!
Freezing Spray 500 Ml Finishing
Freezing Spray is a spray for styling and creating styles. This spray has been formulated to help reduce frizzy, flaky hair.
Hair Spray Strong 500 Ml Finishing
This is a brand new, high quality, salon grade sprayer with a strong, long lasting hold. It has been used by top salon and styling professionals for years to achieve a variety of styles. It is great for any type hair.
Curls Definer 100 Ml Finishing Curls Definer Finishing
This product will give your curls a healthy sheen and give them that extra lift. Its a blend of natural oils and emollients for added shine and body, while its non-greasy formula leaves your hair feeling silky soft and supple. Apply to damp or dry hair. Leave in.
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Pure Gloss Polisher 150 Ml Finishing
This is the perfect gloss for those who want to add definition and shine without adding weight. It gives you a glossy, natural look that will leave your hair looking smooth, silky and healthy. This gloss is formulated with anti-frizz technology that will keep it from frizzing.
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Repair Complex 60 Ml Finishing
Shine: 5 Instantly creates a silky effect, moisturising and leaving hair soft and shiny.Seals and protects the hair against heated tools and against humidity without adding weight.Effectively disentangles and repairs split ends.Strengthens the hair, smoothens the cuticle and eliminates frizz.   Crea instantáneamente un efecto sedoso rehidratando el cabello y dejándolo suave y brillante. Sella y protege el pelo contra los instrumentos térmicos y la humedad, sinapelmazar. Desenreda eficazmente y repara las puntas abiertas.

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