Leave In Conditioner Leave In Conditioner
Leave-In Conditioner is specially formulated to revitalize dry, frizzy or damaged hair and leaves hair with softness. It also helps to revitalize hair cuticle, leaving hair healthy and shiny. It contains natural ingredients to protect the scalp and hair against damaging effects of heat styling. This product is ideal for all kind of hair. The ingredients in this formula can help to protect and energize the hair.
Intensive Protein Treatment 1000 Ml Deep Treatment Intensive Protein Treatment 500 Ml Deep Treatment
Intensive Protein Treatment is formulated to provide immediate, lasting protein repair. This treatment will help your damaged hair look and feel its best. It will also help repair damaged hair and improve manageability and shine. Intensive Protein Treatment uses a patented blend of natural plant proteins that have been shown in studies to repair damaged hair. This unique formula contains pineapple, wheat protein and other essential amino acids. It is also made with the finest quality ingredients to ensure that you are receiving an optimum level of protein and nutrients for the most complete protein repair system available. This treatment is ideal as part of any hair care regimen for damaged or chemically processed hair.
Restructuring Power Leave-In Spray 150 Ml Deep Treatment
This product is a leave in spray. It is made to help your hair look and feel more manageable. The pluketenium plant extract is known as the 'hair of god'. The plant is a source for vitamins and proteins that help strengthen damaged hair. Plukoide has been shown by scientific research studies to be an effective way to help restore and reconstruct damaged or chemically processed hair. This formula helps to rebuild the hair follicle, making it stronger, thicker and more manageable, giving it a healthier look.
Re-Build Therapy Deep Treatment Re-Build Therapy Deep Treatment
RE-BUILD THERAPY from $37.99
Rebuild Therapy is the first and only deep penetrating keratin treatment that penetrates the hair follicles. Keratin Treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft where collagen fibers are breaking down and forming keratins, proteins which are then used to reconstruct damaged areas. This process results in the regeneration of healthy hair.
Restructuring Power Lotion 12X10 Vials Deep Treatment Restructuring Power Lotion 100 Ml Deep Treatment
Restructuring Power Lotion from $41.99
This product is a powerful hair treatment for dry and damaged hair that is prone to breakage and split ends with its high concentration of keratin and olive oil. It has been developed specifically to repair and rebuild hair, leaving it strong, shiny, and full-bodied without weighing down or drying out the hair. Restructured is a unique combination of plant and mineral extracts that work together to help close the cuticle and help prevent split ends while helping strengthen and improve elasticity, manageability, and shine. The ingredients in this formula are known to help restore hair's natural moisture, suppleness, and strength by restoring the hair to the condition where it was before it had undergone chemical treatments, such as thermal styling or UV exposure. It contains no parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, or dyes and does NOT contain any alcohol, lanolin, or other harsh chemicals. Restructuring Power Lotion is safe for all hair types, even chemically treated.
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Conditions and reconstructs damaged and weak hair, PH:4.5-5.5 Instantly disentangles.Restores shine and elasticity to hair structure.Makes hair incredibly soft and manageable.Protects and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz.Tidies hair and increases silkiness.   Desenreda instantáneamente. Restituye brillo y elasticidad a la estructura del cabello, dejándolo suave y manejable. Protege y fortalece el cabello eliminando elefecto encrespado. Aumenta la disciplina del peinado y la sedocidad.
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This product is a treatment that helps repair of damaged hair. It contains Keravis, an active ingredient which is known for helping to improve the appearance and longevity characteristics of hair. It helps repair and protect the color and texture in the hair and it also helps to fix the cuticle. The result? Hair appears more vibrant and shinier. It's also a great way of restoring the look of fine, lifeless, chemically-treated hair. Directions Apply to clean, damp hair from roots to ends and comb through. Leave in.
Restructuring Power Set 10.1 Fl Oz / 300 Ml Shampoo Restructuring Power Set 33.8 Fl. Oz. / 1000 Ml Shampoo
This set includes everything needed to restore, damaged or fine hair. Power Kit helps repair and strengthen fine hair. It's all in one convenient kit.
Restructuring Power Treatment 300 Ml / 10.1 Fl. Oz Conditioner Restructuring Power Treatment 1000 Ml / 33.8 Fl. Oz Conditioner
This unique formula is designed to help restore and reconstruct damaged hair. The unique combination of ingredients in this formula restores the hair's elasticity by restoring its moisture balance. This special blend of botanical extracts helps to protect the hair from environmental damage while restoring its strength with a high level of moisturizers and conditioners. The result - hair that feels soft, smooth, and full of life. Directions for use Massage into damp hair, working up a rich lather. Leave for minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Restructuring Power Shampoo 300 Ml / 10.1 Fl. Oz Shampoo Restructuring Power Shampoo 1000 Ml / 33.8 Fl. Oz Shampoo
Restruturing Power Shampoo is a rich and gentle formula that gently cleanses the scalp to remove residue from hair. Formulated with Plukena Volubilis (Japanese White Willow) Extract to restore hair's natural strength and suppleness while stimulating hair follicles to promote cell growth, strengthening and protecting against future damage. The result? Hair is soft, smooth, and healthy looking.

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