Proteccion Color Mask COLOR BLOCK MASK
COLOR BLOCK MASK from $22.99
Color Block Masks are made from certified organic olive oil and vitamin E that will help protect your color from fading. It is made from natural ingredients that will help to protect the color of your hair while you style it. It helps in sealing the cuticle which helps prevent hair breakage and also helps to prevent frizzies and flyaways. The color block mask is a must-have for any woman looking beautiful and healthy.
Protection Color Shampoo COLOR BLOCK SHAMPOO
Color Block Shampoo for Hair. This product is a blend of vitamins A and E that work together in order prevent color bleeding. It will leave your hair looking and feeling silky smooth. With olive oil it is a great way to protect your cuticle from damage. The formula contains natural humectants which helps to close the cuticula, help to prevent color bleeding, and protect the cuticle from further damage.

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