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SCALP PURIFYING LOTION (Dandruff) from $41.99
This is the best dandruff treatment available. It contains propolis will help reduce itching and irritation. You'll be able enjoy your hair for longer than ever with this product! This will not only help you control your dandruff, but it will also leave you smelling clean! Just one application of this will give you great results. Directions Apply this lotion after shampoo.
Dandruff Kit
This is the best Dandruff kit available anywhere! You get everything you need to get rid off your dandruff in minutes. It works on all kinds of hair. Set included a Shampoo and treatment.
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Scalp Purifying Shampoo is a scalp shampoo that cleans and purifies your scalp with dandruff or itching. This scalp shampoo is formulated to remove all kinds Of Dandruff and All Kinds Of Scalp Scars without causing any irritation or damage to the scalp. The shampoo is made with natural botanicals that have been carefully chosen for their moisturizing properties, leaving you feeling clean and soft.

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