Beard Dye
Not all men have the thickest beards; but that's ok, we have the technology. With our 24-Hour beard dye, you can rock a thicker and fuller looking beard for like, 24 hours. Rolda's beard dye is especially good at hiding those gray hairs to keep you looking bold through the years. Details: - 24-hour Duration (temporary)- Comes in Black or Brown- For a thicker & fuller look- Color outer-layer of beard without irritating skin (irritation)- Quick-Dry (instant) Size 3.53 Oz / 100 Gr  Now free Beard Brush when you buy 1 Beard Dye Just need to add it in the cart, then get the discount to get free Beard Brush. If no do that not going to get it.
Hair Botox
The best thing you can do for your hair? Straighten it. Straightening and styling is so important to your health. That's why this is a must-have for all kind of hair types. 3 Star Hair Botox is made up with our exclusive, patented formula that works to condition, smooth, and even your hair. It's a fast and effective way to straighten and style all kinds Of hair in seconds. No formaldehyde or parabens! No alcohol, no artificial colors, no chemical solvents, and no chemicals. Just pure natural ingredients. No contain formaldehyde.
ABSOLUT ONE 12×1 SPRAY MASK The Absolut One 12 Benefits in 1 Spray Mask repairs damage caused by external agents and provides a much healthier appearance to the hair. Its multifaceted technology is capable of acting in different areas of the capillary perimeter, contributing to both the treatment and the finishing of the locks. Absolut One is a mask. It's a finisher. It's an edge fixer. Use it however you want, whenever you want. Available in the 200ml version, Absolut One is a productfor daily use, which must be used in the hair finishing stage. Developed with the best technology available on the market, the finisher helps in the alignment of the strands and ensures more shine and softness to the hair. The product is recommended for all types of hair (straight, wavy, curly and curly) and can be used both in chemically treated hair and those in the hair transition phase. TECHNOLOGY Absolut One 12 Benefits in 1 Spray Mask technology is developed from two main ingredients. They are: Lactic Acid and D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5). While Lactic Acid restores the hair's flexibility and acts on the main signs of hair dryness, D-Panthenol, in turn, is responsible for strengthening the hair structure and stimulating healthier hair growth, reducing breakage and fall. BENEFITS Absolut One's biggest differential is related to the finishing power that the product offers. In addition to contributing to hair hydration, the product also has the mission of aligning the strands and providing much more softness to the hair structure, giving a strong and well-treated hair appearance. The product also acts as a thermal protector and sunscreen! Its technology is able to build a protective film around the wire, which will be responsible not only for mitigating the high temperatures emitted by heat tools, but also for protecting against UV rays. See below all the benefits provided by the Absolut One Spray Mask 12 Benefits in 1: – Internal repair of the hair fiber;– Recovery of damage caused by chemicals and external agents;– Deep hydration;– Nutrition;– Reduction of frizz and excessive volume;– Prevention of split ends;– Thermal and UV protection;– Color protection;– Strengthening of the capillary structure;– Contribution to healthy hair growth;– Extraordinary shine;– Conditioning and soft touch. MODE OF USE The maximum effectiveness offered by Absolut One is only achieved when the product is correctly applied to the hair. In order to achieve better results, follow the suggested usage below: Wet Hair: 1. Spray the Absolut One Spray Mask on the entire hair extension at a distance of 20cm.2. With the help of a comb, untangle the wires and enhance the aligned effect.3. Finish as you wish! Dry Hair: 1. Spray the Absolut One Spray Mask onto the palms of your hands.2. With delicate movements, spread the product along the entire hair extension, from the length to the ends.3. Finish as you wish.
A Professional Acid Conditioner. This professional formula is formulated with the help of essential oils and other natural ingredients to help prevent breakouts. It also contains vitamins and herbal extracts that help to improve elasticity and reduce the visible signs of aging. It's great for use on all types of hair and is a must have for every salon! . Directions Apply liberally to damp hair. Leave on until completely absorbed. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Gel After Shave
Our After Shave Gel is effective reducing dryness and irritation. Its designed to soothe, refresh and revitalize your skin.  Ingredients: - 50% alcohol- Peppermint- Rosemary Leaf - Pro-vitamin B5  
After Shave Fragance
Finish off every shave with the Rolda After Shave Tonic enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 to calm, cool and soothe your skin. Not only does it help relieve your skin from the trauma of shaving, but the pleasant smell will leave you smelling good all day. New size  Benefits:  - Soothes & cools your skin after every shave. - Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5.- Post-shaving relief accompanied by a lasting fresh scent. 
After Shave Fragance
Improved size and fragance. Our limited edition after-shave tonics come in a whole new design inspired by the art district Wynwood in Miami FL displayed in a new larger bottle.  Urban: This aftershave is dedicated to the aspiring adventurer.  Sunset: This aftershave is dedicated to the poetic proletarian. Midnight: This aftershave is dedicated to those who live for passionate nights. Sunshine: For those who appreciate the warmth of the Floridian Sun. Freestyle: Living life on the wild side with a free spirit. Specifications: - Masculine Fragrances - Calms Irritation - Helps Heal & Clean Shave Areas Directions: After shaving with Rolda's shaving gels & experiencing the mess-free shave, use our shaving tonics to alleviate irritation and calm your skin. Spray onto shaved area and allow to dry naturally.  Since the product contains alcohol to heap clean shaved areas, you may experience a brief tingling sensation.   Size 13.86 FL oz /410 ml
Ammonia Free Permanent Color
A natural marine collagen formula . Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots by providing a permanent color that won't fade or wash off over time.
Permanent Hair Color
This is a natural product. It can be used for all hair types and conditions . You will get a long lasting natural look that lasts days depending upon the condition of your hair. It has been formulated by a professional salon to give you beautiful long lasting color that stays true throughout the day. The result of this is amazing results that last through wash after wash.  It does contain natural oils and pearl extract. We recommend using this product over our peroxide for maximum results. PPD FREE Color
Lifting Treatment
The B- TECH BOX is an all natural hair and body lift treatment with a unique combination of ingredients that will give you incredible results. The B-Tech BOX has been designed to nourish the hair while lifting and strengthening it. It is designed to work on all hair types, especially fine hair. The unique combination of ingredients will help your hair to become thicker and lifted. The B-Tech BOX is an all in one hair lift treatment that will give you extreme results in minutes and will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and looking beautiful from head to toe. Now Improved with Long Lasting Technology
Maintainer Conditioner
This product has been formulated with a high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen. It contains high concentrations amino acids and proline which are essential to the formation of connective tissue. The hydrolyzed collagen in this product is also rich in amino acids and proline which help to support collagen synthesis and repair. This product contains ceramides which help maintain elasticity. It is also formulated with a high concentration of hydrolyzed ceramide which helps protect against free radicals.
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Set for Maintainer
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Maintenance Hair Care Set is made of high quality ingredients that provide the most effective and gentle solution for your daily maintenance needs. This product contains Hydrolyzed Collagen (Hair Collagen), which has a natural anti-aging action that will give you long lasting, healthy, beautiful hair without weighing down your hair. It also provides the perfect amount moisture for your hair while leaving it silky soft with a smooth, shiny shine. All products are paraben free and sulfate free.
Maintainer Shampoo
Maintenance is the most important thing you can do with your hair. The Maintenance Shampoo is designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair while adding moisture and shine. This shampoo is enriched with Hydrolyzed Collagen and Keratin, and contains a high concentration of essential amino acids. It also contains Vitamins A and E, to help nourish your hair and prevent split ends.
Skin Protective Cream
COLORSUPPORT Barrier Effect Cream with Distilled Chamomile Water Cream to protect the skin from irritation caused by color treatments. BENEFITS Barrier Effect Cream prevents the penetration of the color into the skin, avoiding the formation of stains and irritation caused by the coloring cream. APPLICATION Apply all over the perimeter surrounding the hairline and ears before proceeding with the color treatment. After the color service, remove thoroughly with water and / or a damp cotton swab.
Beard Conditioner
Moisturizes and detangles beards. BENEFITS: - Leaves beard silky-smooth, frizz free. - A unique blend of ingredients support beard growth as well as maintain the beard well groomed and soft. - Daily uses (recommended) for beard grooming and care.
Beard Oil
A blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils used to achieve hair glow and keep your beard moisturized throughout the day. Benefits:- Naturally derived conditioners help prevent excessive stripping of the beard’s natural oils.- The Beard Oil's mixture of lightweight oils helps keep water in the beard hair and skin to soften and smooth out disorder.- Ideally used for daily beard grooming and care. 
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Ammonia Free Permanent Color
This is for an easy-to-use ammonia-free, long lasting permanent color treatment. It's the only product you'll ever need for the perfect look!
Turn heads with a polished look using our Black® Brilliantine Wax to style your hair.  Benefits: - Oil based pomade.- Light hold and extra shine finish.- Enriched with vitamin E to protect hair.- Light enchanting fragrance.- For better results, apply product on dry hair.
Face Mask
NEW Our black mask uses black charcoal to leave you skin feeling clean and smooth by remove impurities clogging up your pores. Our formula purifies you skin by peeling off dead skin cells and other debris from the pores of you face, allowing your face to feel clean and reducing the size of your pores over time. Specifications: - Easy to Apply - Regulates Skin Oils - Removes Blackheads - Black Charcoal - Deep Cleanse Directions: Apply gently to your face with an upward motion. Spread to desired areas on your face using the tool. Leave & allow mask to dry for 25 mins, then gently peel. If any residue remains on your face, rinse with your favorite face wash.
Styling Gel
from $19.99
 Our Black Ultra-Hold Styling Gel contains Rolda's innovative Black Radiance formula which subtly fills in a few lighter hairs here and there to give dark hair a darker, bolder look. Benefits:  -Water soluble non- sticky.-Firm Hold, Wet Look and Classic Shine.- Infused with activated charcoal to nourish and moisturize hair.- Alcohol and parabens free formula - no flakes.- Sexy and sophisticated fragrance.

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